Our solution

The first immersive platform entirely dedicated to nursing

Get access to a complete virtual training center with realistic environments, patients and medical equipment.

Everything in the training center is completely interactive – just use your hands to intuitively use any equipment.

Our growing number of training modules ranges from nursing assessment on an older adult to the management of a respiratory distress on a newborn baby. And a lot more content is on the way!

Training hundreds of nurses around the world

Training institutions across the world are using UbiSim. Students and professional can train in the classroom or outside, independently or with an instructor.

No preparation time or staff is needed – access to clinical cases is immediate!

UbiSim allows training institutions to give more training opportunities to students, scale training and help meet the growing demand for trained nurses.

Backed by nursing experts and learning science

Our scenarios are built in partnership with top nursing institutions and nursing experts to make sure they are completely accurate.

Early studies ran with our partners show that more than 95% of students feel better prepared to perform a procedure after using UbiSim.

During the simulation, students are totally engaged, maximizing learning, transfer and retention.

Are you ready to start?

UbiSim comes loaded with existing scenarios and we are constantly creating new content for and with our clients.

UbiSim runs on a simple laptop and a consumer-friendly VR headset – simply download UbiSim and you are ready to start!

Contact us today to book a free demo and discuss how to start using UbiSim at your institution.

UbiSim is an extraordinary virtual solution that offers opportunities to practice medical drill, providing source of safe procedures to nursing and medical care to a maximum of health professionals regardless of the teaching resources, at the pre-graduate, post-graduate and continuing education stages.
Dr. Dominique Truchot-Cardot
Trained emergency and nutritionist physician, ordinary professor at La Source


Several modules have been developed in close partnership with the world-wide renowned nursing school La Source based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Ongoing sessions with the nursing experts and students have allowed us to build realistic and accurate simulations backed by decades of experience.


Founding team

Gauthier Dubruel

Sales & Partnerships

Gauthier has extensive experience in sales and management. He is passionate about how technology can be used to provide the best, most convenient and affordable practical training to our health care practitioners.

Florian Brutsche

Product & Technology

Florian is an entrepreneur and VR expert with a Computer Science degree from ETH Lausanne. He leads the product team and works closely with nursing experts and students to make UbiSim the best immersive training platform.

Antoine Gustin

Computer Graphics

Antoine specializes in computer generated images and animation. He loves taking on the new challenges faced when building UbiSim, and is driven by his desire to improve medical training.

UbiSim is a great tool to practice procedures at any time, as many times as I need to.

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